About Us

Welcome to Aspen New Zealand.

The Aspen New Zealand operation is part of Aspen Australia and commenced in New Zealand in 2003 with a small portfolio.

Over the last 10 years Aspen in New Zealand has partnered with Healthcare Logistics to become an established presence in New Zealand and continues to grow each year.


Our local portfolio is a diverse range of prescription, over the counter pharmacy and grocery brands that consist of Aspen owned and licenced brands with other company partners.

Over recent years Aspen New Zealand have built a well-respected and experienced team of sales and marketing staff that are results driven and customer focussed.

Aspen New Zealand works closely with all customer groups and key stakeholders in the industry and focus on delivering quality service to each customer. We have two experienced and professional sales teams, one in primary and secondary care focused on Hospitals, Specialists and GPs and the second team working with Pharmacies. We have a partner team working with our consumer brands in grocery.

Our marketing team are proven and successful with a number of years of experience and with innovative marketing and thinking outside the square, we are brand and customer focussed. We have the ability and a proven record to launch new brands successfully and to turn around declining brands.

We are open to all opportunities to work with company partners together to launch or re-launch products in New Zealand. Please click here to contact us in confidence to discuss sales, marketing and distribution opportunities.

Company Philosophy

We aim to have a company culture where all employees are valued and treated with respect, and working in concert to achieve company goals.

We see opportunities in products that others may look to divest for reasons of post-merger focus, regulatory issues or lack of financial viability.

We respond quickly to our customers and to market conditions and we make quick, but considered, decisions. While others pay lip-service to customer service, we genuinely believe that the customer is paramount.

We are specialists in turning around declining products and we have proven success in product life-cycle management. We revitalise brands through innovative marketing and superlative customer service.


Aspen is an entrepreneurial driven company which seeks to identify and bring to market drugs in specialist areas that are overlooked by the multinational pharmaceutical industry